Parts and Service

Rep offers a wide variety of parts and sevices. We have a showroom full of just about anything that you would ever need to outfit your trailer to fit your specific needs. We stock our shelves with the parts to service any trailer or products sold at REP.

Parts & Accessories

Large Stock of Accessories

We offer a complete store full of all sorts of parts and accessories. Trailer locks, replacement jacks, ball mounts and balls are some of what you will find here.


Complete Brake Service

Complete backing plate assemblies for electric and surge brakes, drums, hubs, U-bolts, shackles, shackles bolts and many types of running gear can be found on the shelf.

Cargo Security

Protect Your Investment

Looking to secure your cargo? E-track and E-track adapters, ratchet straps, wheel bonnets, D-rings, cargo bars, transport chains and binders are available here at REP.


LED & Traditional Lighting

LED and traditional incandescent bulb marker and stop/turn lights are on display and in stock!